Wrestling a Mongolian

This was part of our “Northern Adventure” that started in Harbin, home of the famous ice sculptures, and took us all the way to the Russian border and Inner Mongolia. As a fun little stop off we spent a night out on the Steppes in traditional Mongolian Yurts (tents) along with the traditional Mongolian “Freezing my balls off” weather. One of the fun little activities they had planned for us was a wrestling demonstration. What was not so clear at the start of this demonstration was that we would be part of it. 

Essentially, you grab the 250 pound guy and throw him to the ground using the leather attached to his shoulders. That seems easy enough.

It was clear from the start that I was at a distinct weight, athletic, and mental disadvantage. I resulted to psychological warfare. “Woo! Woo! Huu haa!” I screamed nonsense to mask the fear and growled like a lion until at once I POUNCED! Lunging straight for his shoulders I grasped and with all my might went face first into the ground. Alright, best out of three?

Much to my surprise, rounds two and three did not go much differently. The final twist was that my face almost went into a mound of horse poo, but they did all result with me on the ground mid battle cry. My showing was poor, but my opponent did respect my fearlessness in a humorous sort of way and we shook hands at the end as I removed my buckled leather contraption and covered my quickly re-freezing body with some real clothes. That night we danced around the only real source of heat within miles and drank horse milk alcohol (delicious, btw). 

Cheers to you Inner Mongolia.