Inner Mongolia

I’m just giving a quick update for now as I have been without internet for the past 5 days. Here’s a little synopsis:

  • Flew to Harbin, home of the famous ice festival. It’s not the season for ice sculpting yet so it wasn’t too cold. Interesting city, very very polluted.
  • Overnight train to Hailaer (something like that) stayed in a awesome hotel, got kicked in the chest by a mid-age Chinese man (I’m okay) due to a cultural misunderstanding of sorts.
  • Five hour bus through nothing to a town on the Russian border, stepped into the no-man’s land on the Chinese side of the river, ran back.
  • Lots of beer, vodka, and baijo
  • Climbed a mountain in the Steppes and watched the sunset.
  • Drove 7 hours to wherever I am right now. A lot of Russian influence, going to do my best to avoid talking to the wrong girl this time.
  • To come: Riding around on a horse like Genghis Khan, Mongolian tent for a night (warm? unlikely), pictures, full stories, return to Shanghai.